Recollida selectiva de residus

Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta


  1. Why do I have to separate waste?
    • Recycling allows us to save raw materials, energy and water consumption and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, it guarantees waste a second usage so as to avoid destroying the environment. For this reason, it is important that we collaborate in the recycling process and separate our waste correctly at home.
  2. How should I manage waste from medecines?
    • You can find a SIGRE point at every chemistry where waste from medecines can be deposited (including packaging)
  3. What should I do with batteries?
    • You can deposit them in the corresponding container at the Ecoparc. You can also find bins for bulky waste in commercial establishments where batteries are sold.
  4. Why should we separate the new organic fraction?
    • The waste from the organic fraction can be recovered as organic compost by means of a composting process. A properly separated organic waste fraction will guarantee a safe and quality compost and thus, we will avoid that a large part of the waste ends up in landfills.
  5. I generate a lot of waste, what can I do to avoid it?
    • Reducing the amount of waste is very important, so we have to consume responsibly so as not to buy more than we need in order to reduce the generation of waste. Also we should try to reuse and recycle it to give it a different value, such as making tests for plants or games with plastic bottles. And most important, separate all waste correctly! Remember that you can reduce the volume of this, by making the bottles smaller or cutting up the cartons so that they take up as little space as possible. With all this you will help to manage waste more efficiently, both for your home and for the whole waste treatment process!
  6. Where can I put my pet’s droppings?
    • If you have a pet, you must collect its droppings in the street. If the bins are not yet on the street, you can deposit the litter in the waste bins that you can find all over the town. Remember that animal waste can be deposited in the REMAIN (“RESTA”) section if you have the bins available.
  7. What should I do with cooking oil?
    • You can store it in plastic bottles or jars, but make sure they are properly sealed and airtight. Once full, you can take them to the Ecopark, which has a container for domestic cooking smells.
  8. The pick-up timetable is inconvenient due to my work or for personal reasons, what can I do?
    • If due to work or personal reasons you cannot deposit your waste within the established timetable, don’t worry: there are fixed containers with all the fractions also in the city centre for exceptional situations. Do not use them if you can deposit them in the temporary bins.
  9. What can I do with clothes?
    • You can donate those clothes that you no longer want to use to different charities. If they are in bad condition, the Ecoparc has a container for textiles.
  10. What should I do with the waste of someone infected or possibly infected with covid-19?
    • You can access the website of the Ministry of Health of the Spanish Government through this link: Here you can find a guide on how to deal with the waste of someone infected or possibly infected with covid-19.
  11. I’m in a residential area or outside the city centre. What should I do with waste?
    • If this is your case, don’t worry: instead of temporary bins, you will find fixed bins close to where you live and you will dispose of the same fractions, including the new fraction of organic waste.
  12. If I have a complaint or suggestion about the service or the containers, what should I do?
    • If you see a container is in a bad condition or the service has not been correct, you can contact us through the complaints section that you will find at
  13. I’m not sure about where a waste goes, what can I do?
    • If you still have any doubts about where to deposit each waste product, you can contact us by e-mail ( or by phone at 663 255 877. We will surely be able to help you.